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Girls Forever (680) Mp4

While Ben obsesses over fulfilling Max's request to find other Plumbers' kids, Gwen and Kevin come at odds over their mutual romantic feelings and Kevin's inaction in asking her out. The team encounters a weakened high school girl who nearly causes a car accident, which is averted by a superpowered boy named Michael Morningstar, who reveals himself as another Plumber's kid. Michael explains that something is causing girls at his school to become zombified monsters, and they agree to investigate together. They find and battle a group of zombie girls, who escape after Michael causes debris to fall between them. Gwen, infatuated with Michael and annoyed with Kevin, agrees to go on a date with him. Kevin, distrusting Michael, convinces Ben to check on her with him, where they find Michael absorbing her powers and turning her into a zombie. Michael is revealed to have been the one zombifying his classmates, stealing their life force for themselves. Gwen is able to defeat Michael, and the girls take their life force back from him, deforming him in the process. Kevin then destroys Michael's Plumber's badge, and Ben apologizes for being too quick to trust Michael.

Girls Forever (680) mp4

On June 27, 2015, Shayna's life changed forever. She was the designated driver for her college roommate at the University of North Dakota and one of her friends, when her car was hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the Bismarck Expressway. 041b061a72

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