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SupportAssist, ePSA, or PSA preboot computer assessment diagnostic test can help identify a potential battery failure and, if there is a component failure, report an error code. When you have an ePSA code, you can submit the Service Tag, ePSA error and validation code at the SupportAssist Pre-Boot System Performance Check page, to learn how to proceed.

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Dell XPS laptops and Dell Precision mobile workstations come with battery charge indicators on the left or right side (Figure 5). Pressing the charge status button indicates the amount of battery charge remaining.

The quickest way to differentiate between these two types of battery support is to identify the battery SKU and Description under System Configuration > Components on If it contains the wording 3 Years Limited Hardware Warranty, then the battery has a 3-year limited hardware warranty. Some battery descriptions may show the abbreviation LL for Long Cycle Life, this also confirms that the battery has a 3-year cover.

If your battery warranty has expired and the battery diagnostics fail, a new battery can be purchased at the Dell Parts and Upgrades website. An additional charge may occur if an on-site technician is required to install the battery.

Dell has a rigorous qualification process by which all Dell batteries are validated to ensure proper functionality, performance, and safety. Dell strongly recommends using a compatible Dell battery that is purchased from Dell that is designed to work with your Dell laptop.

A normal characteristic of a rechargeable battery is that its operating duration decreases over time. Eventually the battery must be replaced. Based on this characteristic, consumed batteries may not be covered under warranty.

Batteries power our favorite electronic devices, but they're not meant to last forever. The good news is that Windows laptops have a battery report feature that breaks down whether your battery is still kicking or is on its last legs. All you need to do is enter one simple line of code.

The report will take the form of an HTML file saved onto your drive that will show you battery usage data, capacity history, and life estimates. If the battery needs to be replaced, this report will tell you, long before it has a chance to fail.

The blue PowerShell command window will appear, allowing you to enter commands to automate certain tasks within Windows 10. Enter powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html" into the window and press Enter to run the command.

PowerShell will then tell you the name of the generated battery life report HTML file and where it has been saved on your computer. In this case, it's called battery-report.html and it has been saved to the C drive. You can now safely close PowerShell.

This will open Windows Terminal, a tabbed terminal emulator that can run PowerShell, Command Prompt, and other command-line programs. PowerShell will be open by default, so enter powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html" into the window and press Enter to run the command.

Once the command is entered, PowerShell will tell you the name of the generated battery life report and where it has been saved on your computer. You can see here that it's named battery-report.html and is saved to the C drive. You can now close Windows Terminal.

Open File Explorer and click the OS (C:) entry under This PC. The battery report will be saved in this folder as an HTML file. Double-click to open the file in your default web browser.

The report will outline the health of your laptop battery, how well it has been doing, and how much longer it might last. At the top of the battery report, you will see basic information about your computer, followed by the battery's specs.

Under Recent Usage, take note of each time the laptop ran on battery power or was attached to AC power. Every drain over the last three days is tracked in the Battery Usage section. You can also get a full history of the battery's usage under the Usage History section.

The Battery Capacity History section shows how the capacity has changed over time. On the right is Design Capacity, or how much the battery was designed to handle. On the left, you can see the current full-charge capacity of your laptop's battery, which will likely decline over time the more you use your device.

This leads us to the Battery Life Estimates section. On the right, you can see how long it should last based on design capacity; on the left, you see how long it's actually lasting. A current, final battery-life estimation is at the bottom of the report. In this case, my PC would last 6:02:03 at design capacity, but will currently hold out for 4:52:44.

There is no universal battery that fits all models. Laptop batteries are model- and brand-specific. Pairing the right battery for the right model laptop is essential. A HP Laptop battery will not suit a Dell laptop. On the same lines, an Acer laptop needs an Acer battery. Between models of the same brand, at times, the same battery is compatible. With intensive usage, there is a need to replace batteries.

HP batteries are designed to be long lasting. The 3-year lifespan is usually backed by an awesome 3-year warranty. The longer lifespan translates to lower rate of recycling. This 6 cell 4400mAh capacity perfectly fits quite a good number of HP laptop models.

Our Dell laptop batteries are made with high grade battery cells. All our replacement batteries for Dell laptops have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original battery performance and 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications. Fast Delivery, Easy Returns, and Warranty one year (selected models only)

The type of battery your laptop has depends on your laptop manufacturer and the device model. If you can easily locate and remove the battery, turn off and unplug your laptop and remove the battery. There should be a label with its type (most commonly lithium-ion), model number, part number, voltage, and more. If the battery isn't easily accessible, turn to your laptop manufacturer's website for guidance. Additionally, there are third-party utilities that can help you determine what battery your laptop has. Download Battery Care or try Notebook Hardware Control.

If you have a Windows 10 laptop, an easy way to check its battery health is to use the built-in Battery Report feature. To generate a Windows 10 Battery Report, enter powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html" into PowerShell. To check your MacBook's battery health, press and hold the Option key and click the battery icon on the status bar. You'll see Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery.

Most laptops use lithium-ion batteries as the power source, and as a general rule, this type of battery tends to lose charging capabilities. This can cause your laptop battery, which once held a full charge of 100%, to be limited to, say, 30% over time.

Following either set of instructions above generates a report containing a ton of information on your laptop, including information about your battery health. This report will be an HTML file, so all you have to do is double-click it to view the contents.

You can find the information about your battery health by scrolling down on the report to the Battery Information section. This section will include subsections with details on Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity, and Cycle Count.

This will do the same thing as the Windows PowerShell method: it will generate a report that includes information on your battery health, which can be found by searching in your accounts directory for a folder called C:\Users[YourUsername].

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A laptop battery is the hardware component that powers the device when the computer has no direct connection to a power outlet. Rechargeable batteries enhance laptop portability. An efficient charger comes with an AC adapter that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Batteries, chargers and AC adapters have unique features that heighten their performance. Newegg offers a variety of these products for different laptop brands. 041b061a72

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