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Williams explained the album was titled Riot! because during the writing process their "thoughts and emotions were coming out so fast that we couldn't control them," comparing it to a riot.[8] Williams also commented on the band's evolution with the album stating, "I think our intention for [All We Know Is Falling] would have been for it to be everything that Riot! is, but there wasn't any time to make that record back then."[9] After being courted by producers Neal Avron and Howard Benson,[10] Paramore opted to record the album with producer David Bendeth in New Jersey, who had previously worked with Your Vegas and Breaking Benjamin.[11]

Also on Thursday, authorities arrested a Colorado man who prosecutors say was part of a group of rioters who violently pushed against officers desperately trying to defend the Capitol from the angry mob in a tunnel.

Surveillance video shows Grace entering a tunnel where officers were lined up as they tried to beat back the mob. Grace can be seen putting his head down and using his body to push in unison with other rioters against the police line, authorities say. As the rioters pushed, one of officers screamed in pain while being crushed between a shield and a door frame in one of the most harrowing scenes from the riot, according to court documents.

After officers at one point managed to clear rioters out of the tunnel, Grace watched as other rioters dragged a D.C. police officer out of the tunnel and brutally attacked him, authorities say. He then re-joined the rioters pushing against the police line and retreated only after officers sprayed a chemical irritant at the crowd, according to court documents.

Marshal Kane put his policemen between the two groups and escorted the troops to Camden Station, where they boarded the train and left Baltimore. The Pratt Street Riot was over. The riot resulted in the first casualty list of the war. Eight rioters, one innocent bystander and three soldiers were killed, twenty four soldiers and an unknown number of civilians wounded.

Its EffectsBaltimore quickly felt the effects of the riot. The Governor and Mayor called out the militia to prevent further bloodshed. When a threat was made against Fort McHenry, one of the militia units was sent to help the U.S. Army defend it. Knowing that there were secessionists in the militia ranks, the commander of the Fort accepted the help on the condition that the militia could come no closer to the Fort than the Catholic chapel a half mile from the Fort or he would fire on them.

In May, less than a month after the riot, General Butler and the 6th Mass. entered the city and built earthworks on Federal Hill. Cannon were placed in the works so that they could be fired on the city. Civilians who had demonstrated secessionist sympathies were arrested and taken to Fort McHenry, where they were held without charge. Major Morris, the commanding officer at Fort McHenry, suspended the Habeas Corpus privleges of those prisoners. Baltimore fell under military rule.

Prosecutors said that person, who didn't officially become an informant until after months after the riot, was never told to gather information about the defendants or their lawyers and the FBI ended its relationship with her this past January after it learned she might testify. 041b061a72

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