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Where Can I Buy A Carnival Gift Card _TOP_

Does anyone know where you can get the Carnival discount gift cards? I have read that AARP and Allstate offered them but I have yet to find anything. I feel like I have been all over the AARP site as well as my Allstate site with no luck. Cruising early December and was hoping to get a couple to help with the drink package and excursions. ? Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

where can i buy a carnival gift card

It took me a while, but AARP does offer discounted Carnival gift cards. You have to be a member and it's under the AARP REWARDS at the top of the page. I think you have to log into your account to see it though.

Allstate Rewards (my preferred go to place for gift cards) is available, but you have to join up, and it's a pain to do so. Their is an extensive thread on Allstate Rewards on this forum. Keep searching. And I wish you good luck!

AMEX Blue Cash Preferred gives 6% back on grocery, so I used to buy Carnival gift cards at stores. You can also check gift card resale sites, since I remember selling some partially-used ones there. Personally, just booking using VIFP offers saved me tons of money, as well as using the RU1 drinks package offer. Then having 100 shares of CUK or CCL also gets me $50/100 in credit per cruise.

Meijer also had Princess gift cards for a period of time, but they were recently removed from all the racks and replaced with eBay gift cards, which was a bummer because we have 3 Princess cruises booked. But we were able purchase enough to pay for almost 2 of the cruises before they disappeared. And when you pay for them with a credit card that offers 2%-5% back, it costs even less to cruise! ?

Citi Easy Deals has a current Carnival gift card promotion, 10% off, $500 card for $450 for those with a Citi credit card. This is in addition to the Merchant Offers with $250 off $1000 on Carnival. I got a $250 statement credit with this, $200/free cards with rewards points, and a $250 statement credit on my new Carnival Barclays card. $700 savings and $1400 OBC for 3 cruises, not to mention the casino fares.

True. I got offers on my Citi Diamond Preferred that were not available on my Citi Thank You card. I've finally paid off all my bills this year after a lifetime of debt. Just using one card for points and paying it off every month. Plan on racking up more free gift cards to add to the $700 savings on the 3 cruises we have booked. Next month will be our first cruise since Alaska in 2016.

According to their site, AARP will be offering the $100 Carnival gift card on Friday at noon. It will be offered for a 30% discount. Unfortunately you are only able to buy 1. This is their Daily Deal for the day. Not sure how many they will have, but you will need to be ready to purchase the moment it turns 12. Some of these deals are gone in a few seconds.

Yes, AARP is targeted for people aged 50+, but there actually is no minimum age to join. Sign up for AARP Rewards, purchase an AARP membership, and you have access to 10% off Carnival Cruise gift cards.

@GabrielC984090 Let's get to the bottom of this, Gabriel. What error message did you receive? Did you receive the gift card email after processing your purchase? Please provide me with more details and I will do my best to assist!

Hello! Yesterday, 1/15/23, I purchased two carnival gift cards that I need today to pay for a cruise. I have not received a confirmation email yet, or an email with the gift cards in it. My question is, is if I don't receive them in time can I cancel the gift card order and get a refund. I have already been charged by paypal for the cards. Thanks!

I am having the same problem.... Going on 7 days and no email, no gift cards. Spoke to customer service and responded to emails with info they requested, and still nothing. Was your resolved ? Did you get your gift cards?

Unless someone has generously given you a gift card to cover the cost of an entire cruise, you need to know how to use Carnival Cruise Line gift cards to enjoy the gift the next time you set sail.

Any family members or friends who know how much you enjoy cruising or who suspect you want to set sail with Carnival could purchase a gift card, and the cards are also sold online as well as onboard each ship.

Cruise line gift cards, including cards for Carnival, are also often given away as promotional items or prizes by car dealerships, home builders, real estate agents, radio stations or travel agencies. Whether you are given the card as a gift or promotion, or if you win one through a raffle or other event, it can be a great way to pay for extra fun on your Fun Ship cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line first began issuing gift cards on December 5, 2012, replacing earlier gift certificate programs. The cards are available from $100 to $1,000, and there are no dormancy charges or service fees if the card is not used.

Cards purchased by the public do not typically expire. Like most gift cards from major retailers, the cards are not redeemable for cash, and are not refundable or replaceable if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Carnival Cruise Line gift cards can be fun to use, letting you enjoy the little extras of your vacation without feeling guilty about any extra charges. Before you use them, be sure to check with the cruise line as terms and conditions of the cards are subject to change, but then, bon voyage!

The Carnival gift cards can be purchased for any amount starting at $25 with a maximum of $100 per card. They can be used towards the purchase of a cruise or applied to an onboard account during a cruise. They can also be used on the Kiosks onboard Carnival FunShips. Guest services can also assist you in applying the gift card to your account.

  • The gift cards are sent by email.

  • Multiple cards can be purchased at once.

  • You may include a message up to 500 characters to the person you are purchasing the gift cards for. This is optional.

  • You can choose to have the gift cards delivered on any day up to a year in advance. This is perfect for sending a love one a gift card on Christmas, their birthday, anniversary etc.

  • Amazon does not allow refunds on gift cards.

Sponsored Links (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();To purchase a Carnival gift card or to find out more information about them, visit Carnival Gift Cards on Carnival Cruise Line is currently the only cruise line to sell gift cards on Amazon.

Some cruisers have reported that they have been able to buy Carnival gift cards at the Cherry On Top candy store on board Carnival cruise ships using onboard credit. This can be a way to extend your onboard credit so that you can use it towards another cruise.

Each Carnival gift card can be loaded with between $100 and $1000 and you can buy five per transaction. They have no expiration date, so you could save them for as long as you like before using them to pay for your next cruise.

People who have asked Carnival to clarify whether this is okay or not appear to have been given mixed answers about whether this onboard credit hack works. Some people have been told that onboard credit that was earned from rebooking a cancelled cruise cannot be used to buy gift cards, but other types of onboard credit such as from a price reduction or shareholders credit can.

The Carnival Gift Card is a pre-paid gift card similar to a gift certificate that can be used as payment toward a cruise booking on any of our ships*, pre-purchased shore excursion, spa experience or toward your onboard spending account. The Gift card may be redeemed online at or directly onboard.

Digital gift cards redeemed by Canadian residents can only be used towards cruise passage for bookings made in US Dollars or onboard all Princess vessels at the passenger services desk. Princess Cruises Gift Cards cannot be applied towards cruise passage for bookings made in Canadian Dollars.

Q: Does Princess Cruises offer an electronic Gift Card that can be delivered via e-mail?A: Yes, you can order an electronic Gift Card at and choose from one of several electronic Gift Card designs that can be delivered via e-mail.

Q: Is there a fee to purchase a Princess Cruises Gift Card?A: There is no fee to purchase an electronic Gift Card. For plastic Gift Cards, there are no fees for orders of $100 or greater when standard shipping is selected. A nominal shipping fee of $1.99 is charged for plastic gift card orders less than $100. Expedited shipping options are offered at an additional charge.

Q: Are there any discounts or other incentives offered with the purchase or use of the Princess Cruises Gift Card?A: From time to time, discounts or incentives will be offered on a limited time basis. These offers will be communicated via Princess Cruises emails and TO PURCHASEQ: How can I purchase the Princess Cruises Gift Card?A: The Princess Cruises Gift Card can be purchased online at or by calling your travel consultant. At this time, the Princess Cruises Gift Card is not sold onboard our Princess Cruises ships. 041b061a72

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