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Oem Capture Easycap Driver For Mac

The EasyCAP video-grabbing gizmo is cheap to buy, almost everywhere and adds a really useful functionality to your computer. Better yet, it works perfectly on Yosemite to allow you to capture game consoles, VHS video, DV tapes, etc., directly into your Mac using MP4.

Oem Capture Easycap Driver For Mac

The reason I wrote these articles was to at least keep some kind of history showing that there was a way to make some of the various USB capture sticks work with a Mac. Although, running on an older OS being the main caveat.

An advantage I never really looked at before is having the USB connected flat against a table verses dangling from a tower PC. USB connections in general can become loose plus the weight of the composite cables pulling downwards with gravity always had me wondering if the capture would cut out and fail.

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