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[S2E9] Comfort And Joy \/\/FREE\\\\

While Gil and Jessica have found comfort and care in one another, Martin and Capshaw are based completely on lust. They go further in showing us the difference between the two relationships by having Jessica and Gil dancing alone together in a garage, while Capshaw is immediately found out by Friar Pete.

[S2E9] Comfort and Joy

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In King's Landing, Shae tries to comfort Tyrion Lannister, who is having trouble sleeping. Tyrion knows that the Lannisters won't survive the defeat, so Shae offers to "make love like it's your last day on earth," just like when they first met. Even more anxious, Queen Cersei secures a vial of nightshade from Grand Maester Pycelle.

The following day, during the tournament, while Senpai, Takao and Hino watch, Nagatoro won her first round, Yoshi was penalized due to wasting time to spin around the opponent and Sakura didn't even try. Eventually, Gamo-chan faced Olympic judo team candidate Orihara, being effortlessly overpowered. Afterward, the girl commented with her friend that Nagatoro would have to face Orihara in the following round, implying the two of them have a past together. Despite Orihara being friendly and telling Nagatoro she hoped to have "another exciting match" with her, the latter leaves the judo hall disconsolate and was joined by Senpai who tried to comfort her. Nagatoro explained to him that she did judo since childhood and trained with Orihara. However, as they grew up, she kept growing stronger, prompting Nagatoro to begin losing her passion and ultimately quit after being overwhelmed by Orihara in a match. Hearing that she didn't even feel like it was worth to fight anymore, Senpai scolded Nagatoro, telling her that this behavior doesn't feel like her, thus angering the girl, who told him not to talk like if he knew her, to which he replied quoting what the girl herself once told to him about not knowing what would happen until trying pointing out that even if her advercary is an Olympic candidate Nagatoro herself was quite strong. Embarrassed, Nagatoro told him that she would have given it a try if he won at least one match and teased the boy that in that case she would have also kissed him.

Earl went to take the sandwiches to Kenny, who had just broken up with his boyfriend. Despite being uncomfortable around homosexuals, Earl felt compelled to stay and listen to Kenny. He explained that he wanted to be more manly as it is what most men want these days, and asks Earl to teach him to be like him, as everything about him suggests manliness. Earl agreed to help him out. They started out by going to the Crab Shack, where Catalina was wiring some money back home to ensure that the men who visit her village each week don't cut off her brother's fingers. Whilst there, Earl noticed Rosie the bookie, and decided to invite Kenny to gamble. He placed a bet on a dog, and won several times, earing himself and Earl quite a sum of money.

Fortunately, Iris and Joe are not the only members of theWest family. Iris and Barry are best friends, and they both love Joe just thesame. If there is anyone Iris could find comfort in, that person is BarryAllen. No matter what, he will be there for her, and whatever bad things shehas done or secrets she has kept, Iris knows Barry will never stop loving her.He is her rock. 041b061a72

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