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The Moonstone ##BEST##

The Moonstone of the title is a diamond (not to be confused with the semi-precious moonstone gem). It has gained its name from its association with the Hindu god of the Moon, Chandra. It is protected by three hereditary guardians on the orders of Vishnu, and waxes and wanes in brilliance along with the light of the Moon.

The Moonstone

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In "A Note on Sources" in the 1966 Penguin edition of The Moonstone J. I. M. Stewart states that Collins used G. C. King's Natural History of Precious Stones (1865) to research the history of the Koh-i-Noor, so that he would have known that Queen Victoria had the stone cut down from 109 carats to fit her crown. Adds Stewart, "According to Walter de la Mare in The Eighteen Sixties (Royal Society of Literature, 1932) Charles Reade possessed a moonstone which had been brought from India by his brother, and that this was the original inspiration of the novel" (527). "Just as the Koh-i-Noor symbolized England's conquest of India, the Moonstone represents England's gains from its Indian adventures" (Reed 287).

United States astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin ("Buzz") Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Since this and all other astronaut-controlled spaceflights had been launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, the Florida legislature sought to memorialize this "giant step" for humankind. In 1970, lawmakers adopted the moonstone as the official state gem.

India has long brown hair with a magenta flower hair clip and wears a white dress (that shimmers from pink to blue when she moves) with a dark magenta flower, pink sandals with a moonstone, and a necklace with a moonstone. Her wings are round and light pink-tinted. 041b061a72

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